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TwoP review of Planet of the Dead

I don't like Television without Pity. It's not that I don't agree with them. I often agree with them. But I seriously do not like the concept of pseudo-intellectual snarking for the fun of it. Yes, I know...I snark...and I'm pseudo-intellectual, too, I suppose. But, I hope I'm not without pity. :smirk:

That said, however, having just discussed the idea that there was never a bad episode of DW...and having called them out on Planet of the Dead...I thought I might take a look at TwoP's review of the episode. And here...I must admit that I had many an evil chuckle over the review.

Read it all here: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/doctor_who/planet_of_the_dead.php

I think my favorite part is this reference to all that I have gone on about lately about how the recycled storylines are becoming boring. And it really isn't the companions back...not for me...it's the Daleks...and knowing what is going to happen, because, well, nothing else can happen.

But then magical black lady comes up and magicals at him about how he's going to regenerate come Christmas, his "song is ending," which is sort of an ood thing to say innit, and also: "It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then, Doctor... Oh, but then... He will knock four times."

He stares after her, looking terrified and sad and just generally nuts, but I don't get it. Somebody psychic says that shit to him every day of his life, and it's always true, and he never gives a fuck, but this time he takes it to heart. And I mean, after YANA I'm tired of that manipulative silly "he will knock four times" deal. I really want this season of specials to be more than a warmed-over redux of the last four years. You know how rarely I get soppy about the characters on this show, how deeply averse I am to that, but still: it seems disrespectful to Rose and especially Donna to replay any of this. There should be consequences. But going there like this, I wonder. "It" is probably Daleks, because it's always fucking Daleks, and "the dark" is probably the Void, because ditto, and I'm guessing "he" is pretty obvious too, since it's always the same "he." But I sort of thought the end of Martha's season was a rerun of "42," and I'd hate to think we're dipping into that well for the third time with this last season, especially since we've now visited the whole "bad things happen when the Doctor doesn't have Companions and/or marital-rapes them" thing twice, so I guess we'll see. Buffalo buffalo, etc.

AMEN! Because it's like...the HE is the Master...no chance that it could be some other bloke knocking...like 10.5, which I think would be very interesting indeedy.

Come on, RTD! Prove all of we smug bitches wrong...give us a real winner of a finale.

I know you have it in you.


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