It's just a television show!

I know! I know! Hard to believe I would write those words. After all, I believe our society and its condition are reflected in our storytelling.

But, I, also, feel the writers of Torchwood: CoE can't possibly be homophobic or evil.

People have suggested lynching RTD on this blog and I've suggested giving seriously cutting feedback on the recent Torchwood Miniseries. I have also stated that I felt the writers were intentionally trying to hurt their fans.

But, then I read this blog post by one of the CoE writers:


And I started to feel sorry for Mr. Moran, who can't believe people would say such things about him.

And I'm forced to admit that I know he's just some guy with a wordprocessor trying to fill up five nights of television.

But, perhaps, he should take the outpouring of hostility to heart. I am sure that a lot of people were writing him with praise, as he states, but some people were going out of their way to BOO! I am all for civil behavior...but when I gutted my fans in Disheveled...I accepted that some people walked away from me in fury. And I am not a writer who often disappoints the faithful, so I might have reasonably expected people to bear with me.

I am afraid I do hold RTD responsible for what I consider his irresponsible attitude toward those who are most loyal to him and his shows. Gutting people, dashing their hopes, again and again is not going to make you popular. I feel quite strongly that if a writer decides to take glee in writing things that he knows will cause his fans pain, he should expect to loss a few fans. Especially, if he KEEPS doing the same thing over and over again.

But...maybe we should all tone it back a bit and allow that, while the philosophy of CoE may leave a lot of us cold, it was one helluva thrill ride. I, for one, was riveted for four nights and came back on the fifth, even though I could sense there would be frenzied Hail, Mary solutions and blood spatter on the walls. I am disappointed in RTD, mostly because I doubt that he will surprise me at Christmas. Yes, Lisa...he still MIGHT surprise me. I'm just saying I no longer expect it.

I believe RTD's sin is one of predictable melodrama, rather than malicious intent. Yes, even though he laughs in that one confidential about how every love story should end with a Dalek shooting one of the leads. I want to believe he was kidding about that. I think Ianto dies for the same reason that Tara dies in Buffy...so that a more important character can be forced into uncharacteristic behavior. Steven dies to serve a sketchy plot, but at least there was a reason for that death. I do believe people hurt by this story should express their discontent, but I also hope that everyone remains civil to the writers, because what they do is not easy.

I'm so glad your journal is as far as I delve into the Who fandom. Its wonderful because it has intelligent discussion, varied reactions, love of Rose, enjoys shipping, wants the Whoverse to be good but isn't afraid to call its crap and doesn't devolve into traumatic, psycho fanningness.
I try to keep my equilibrium.
Thank you for the sweet words of support.

I really just would like RTD and other writers to do a bit better with the variety of endings and to know that happiness is no longer a cliche but a rare thing in television. Joyous, uplifting edings are not only possible but leave a better impression with the fans.

Re: I try to keep my equilibrium.
This is my thing. People look down on happy endings for the sake of happy endings. Well sad endings that are sad just because you could make the story sad are no better but when the story leads naturally to a happy ending having a happy ending doesn't detract from the quality of the material just like making it sad for the sake of being sad doesn't add any weight to the story either.

I'd just like writers to recognize sad isn't any better or more meaningful then happy. Its simply another emotion.

Yes...I mean...my problem with CoE
...is that it has EXACTLY the same flaws in writing that JE has...and that's troubling. We have a long lived hero who runs away from the hard realities of life that the writer makes the rest of us swallow. We have characters acting out of character simply to add to the melodrama. We have last minute, completely implausible solutions to complex situations that we seem to use only because the main character insists that this is the way it has to be. So, we are asked by the writer to put our faith in our hero while our hero is acting like an asshat.

I was shocked about it just as you are. I love Jack/Ianto and I really want Ianto back, BUT I don't think being nasty to the writers is going to help anything. I also don't think RTD is homophobic either. I really wish that the people who made those remarks would have kept their words to themselves, confined to their own journal.
It's not men, it's just him... it's only him
Your icon has finally twigged with me about the Humperdinck.

The Doctor doesn't romantically love all humans as default. It's not humans, it's just Rose... it's only Rose.
It is indeed, only Rose
And that's okay. I don't quite understand why that's not okay with people. It actually makes the whole event self-limiting in the context of a grand scheme life like the Doctor's. Also, it opens up the possiblity of later shipping.

It allows that...1) He doesn't go around sleeping with every companion...just Rose. 2) It's very hard on him to involve himself with companions...he has very good reasons not to allow this to happen...not unlike we all have very good reasons not to fall in love with our coworkers...or sisters-in-law. Too many painful complications. 3) Rose is going to die. So, the Doctor is going to end up alone again...naturally. :snicker: So...all we need do is remove him from the time line for a bit...and then have him return to our screens after Rose has died.

It is then established why he doesn't become involved with his companions...why he keeps them at arms length...but also...for the fun of fandoms everywhere...it is also established that there are very rare exceptions to this rule of no sex in the TARDIS. Or even...that there are NO exceptions to that rule...so another solution would have to come about...and maybe he's never going to go through this again.

What I'm saying is...RTD can establish precident without establishing a pattern. And we can all say...well...it is only Rose...and only because he was unusually vulnerable to her, perhaps...because she became the Bad Wolf for him...or because he'd lost everything else. Or because there's just something magical about Rose, as Julie Gardner puts it.

Re: It's not men, it's just him... it's only him
Exactly! If the Doctor loved all humans equally, including Rose, he wouldn't be as upset as he is. However, because it's only Rose that he loves in that way, he's crushed (more so than before).
Of course...I wouldn't want to associate
...too closely with that blog. There are some very obnoxious people commenting there. But that was a funny post.

RTD homophobic
Is everyone forgetting that RTD IS GAY???? How could he be classified as homophobic? I don't get that.... I just think Rae is right in that he doesn't think there can BE happy endings and goes for the gut punch. I've still not seen COE but from what I've read.... I'm not too hopeful for a Christmas turn around which is SAD because New Who was so fantastic and if it becomes completely unbelieveable with The Doctor not dealing with his feelings and continuing to run.... sigh. I'm giving Matt and Moff a chance but don't know how long that'll go....
Yes, it does defy belief
I think it is far more likely that his own hopelessness about the future of mankind and really everything else...taints his work. Logicially, at this point I feel all we can hope for at Christmas is that the Doctor reconciles himself to his lot in life and makes the best of it.

I am probably more appalled by the idea presented by both Moffat and RTD that we should put our faith in some higher being...some manufactured god. I don't see how, as atheists, they reconcile themselves to the idea that humans shouldn't be allowed to make decisions about their own lives. I suppose it just goes to show that the hardwiring for a god figure is part of human genetics. RTD and Moffat simply had to create a god they could believe in...the Doctor. Then, they found nothing wrong with allowing him to be all knowing and all powerful. There is also the underlying joy in the god suffering for his actions, as well.

Both Jack and the Doctor are hurt by their directing of other people's lives...but apparently...they still have an unquestioned right to direct people. I just wish RTD would listen to his own arguments sometime as it is just as likely that Mr. Copper and Harriet Jones are right...and the Doctor allowed to play god, becomes a monster.

having little hope that RTD will give that idea more than lip service at Christmas...because he's never actually shown consequences.