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It's just a television show!

I know! I know! Hard to believe I would write those words. After all, I believe our society and its condition are reflected in our storytelling.

But, I, also, feel the writers of Torchwood: CoE can't possibly be homophobic or evil.

People have suggested lynching RTD on this blog and I've suggested giving seriously cutting feedback on the recent Torchwood Miniseries. I have also stated that I felt the writers were intentionally trying to hurt their fans.

But, then I read this blog post by one of the CoE writers:


And I started to feel sorry for Mr. Moran, who can't believe people would say such things about him.

And I'm forced to admit that I know he's just some guy with a wordprocessor trying to fill up five nights of television.

But, perhaps, he should take the outpouring of hostility to heart. I am sure that a lot of people were writing him with praise, as he states, but some people were going out of their way to BOO! I am all for civil behavior...but when I gutted my fans in Disheveled...I accepted that some people walked away from me in fury. And I am not a writer who often disappoints the faithful, so I might have reasonably expected people to bear with me.

I am afraid I do hold RTD responsible for what I consider his irresponsible attitude toward those who are most loyal to him and his shows. Gutting people, dashing their hopes, again and again is not going to make you popular. I feel quite strongly that if a writer decides to take glee in writing things that he knows will cause his fans pain, he should expect to loss a few fans. Especially, if he KEEPS doing the same thing over and over again.

But...maybe we should all tone it back a bit and allow that, while the philosophy of CoE may leave a lot of us cold, it was one helluva thrill ride. I, for one, was riveted for four nights and came back on the fifth, even though I could sense there would be frenzied Hail, Mary solutions and blood spatter on the walls. I am disappointed in RTD, mostly because I doubt that he will surprise me at Christmas. Yes, Lisa...he still MIGHT surprise me. I'm just saying I no longer expect it.

I believe RTD's sin is one of predictable melodrama, rather than malicious intent. Yes, even though he laughs in that one confidential about how every love story should end with a Dalek shooting one of the leads. I want to believe he was kidding about that. I think Ianto dies for the same reason that Tara dies in Buffy...so that a more important character can be forced into uncharacteristic behavior. Steven dies to serve a sketchy plot, but at least there was a reason for that death. I do believe people hurt by this story should express their discontent, but I also hope that everyone remains civil to the writers, because what they do is not easy.

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