TORCHWOOD: CoE...Episode 2...things go to pieces

Again...I must warn against spoilers, though I have gotten an overnight of both episode 2 and 3 and so will be caught up soon to the rest of you.

Less philosophy this time...and so less rambling on from me...under the cut we go...

This episode was deeply satisfying, like steak pie and chips after a day of running for your life and fasting.

Let's have a big HURRAH for Rhys! I liked his constantly paying attention to the important details and also...his needing to eat. Because that and personal hygiene two of the hardest things to manage while running for your life. I also liked that RTD really does show his stuff in this episode.

Not just the blowing things up...the serious plotting food, like ATM's and phones and laptop computers and pouring concrete on Jack Harkness (who doesn't have his how DID they survive being buried for centuries?)

As I cheered on the Torchwood team, I thought of Rose...dealing with this level of deception...all on her own. And again I wanted very much to go back to writing Gum...because it directly addresses the question of what poor Rose might have had to endure. But anyway...back to the action.

Okay, I will admit...I like Lois in Episode 2. Her nose got a smack with a newspaper from the woman who gave her private codes. And I think it is only a matter of days before that woman is pointing a gun at her head. But, she stopped being such an airhead. In fact, she turns out to be organized as well as a foolish risk-taker. I can appreciate her, now that she has a bit more depth. And again, Gwen is turning out to be the recruitment officer. Maybe she can recruit Andy. I do love how Andy is helpful and trying to be reasonable all at once. I'm glad he didn't misdirect the killer, because I was afraid he was going to get himself shot...or tortured for information.

I have, I think, got a handle on the final 10 minutes of the series, I think. I can't tell if it will disappoint, yet. My prediction is that the aliens are only trying to make contact with us for some benign purpose. I think they took the original children to imprint on so they could more easily communicate with us. This is why everyone is keyed to British schedules and all the kids are speaking English. Now, the 456 are sure of their communications skills they can request accommodations and are coming back to complete negotiations for trade and so on. Meanwhile, all sorts of evil people have had evil ideas and regrets. They have compounded their original sin--callousness in handing over kiddies to aliens--by hiding it. The very fact that the original kids came from an orphanage speaks to a benevolent 456 species. So...if as we saw in the previews...the world is ending...I believe it is ending only because the nations of the world are overreacting.

Will that ending satisfy or disappoint? I suppose it depends on how much of a let down it is.

Oh, and I also I believe it has been foreshadowed that Jack was one of the people on that bus taking the kids to their alien the bad guys don't want him to talk...that's why they have tried to contain him and the other people on the "blank sheet" list.