What I love about Russell T. Davies

Oh, there are so many things. He's so enthusiastic about his show, a real fanboy like I'm a fangirl. Probably he knows if the Valeyard wore socks. And yes, I know, he's let us all down at one time or another. But he's trying to do something that reaches out to a generation and gives them a gift. And, to me, the most amazing thing about RTD is that he will say EXACTLY the same words I've said. I have this little clip from the Doomsday Confidential that I entitled, "My words from RTD."

I never had watched a confidential before that one, because, as I've said, I want the story to explain itself. But someone who knows me well insisted I watch that one. And there was Russell, bless him, going on about the love story. He talked about it like I talked about it. Then, of course, when his book came out and he was there...saying..."The only reason the Doctor and Rose aren't together is because I didn't write it that way. It just didn't work. Rose would never leave the TARDIS." And I couldn't argue because that's what I'd been saying. :bashful grin:

Well, here he is in an interview for the BBC talking about the final day of filming. No more David Tennant! :SNIFFLE: And he says something about the regeneration...again, it's something I've said...

Not THAT...NO!

It's only a minor spoiler, don't worry (or get too excited).

It's just an offhand remark about something everyone is assuming, but RTD is enough of a creative force to know that you shouldn't encourage the audience to assume things will always be the same...you should shake things up when you can. This is the thing I'm most passionate about, good storytelling. And Russell is a good storyteller.


hoping he hands us our pony, because that will shake up Doctor Who like nothing but New Who ever has.

Oh...and p.s. Just for the fun of it...Sock Puppet Theater doing Planet of the Dead...too funny to miss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZvbMA6xtjQ
I'd like a pony Russell. I've trusted you and Rae this far, I'd like you to deliver now. :)
Boo! No new Who until November?! *head desk* I'll have graduated college by then. I shouldn't have to be that old before I get my pony, Russell.
:waits for you:

:taps fingers:

:watches sock puppet theater:

:hums the Final Jeopardy theme:


And this is what I've been saying...you really don't need to have a regeneration...he can go to Rose...to live that life. Then...he comes back, and well, it's a hard thing to cross the dimensions. The TARDIS is all ripped apart and the Doctor is seriously injured in the crossing...and voila...Matt Smith and a new TARDIS look all in one swoop.

I'm just saying...it's one way to look at things.

This is what really...I mean REALLY irks me about people going, "Oh, we just CAN'T do that! We can't have Rose back. We can't have the Doctor go live a life with her. We can't have any suggestion that he maybe loves a companion like a man might. We can't change the format of the show. We can't change the way regeneration works."

Oh, really? Well, I guess we can't have Doctor Who back then...we can't have Gallifrey gone. We can't have the Doctor all alone in the universe. We can't have him create a human clone of himself. We can't have Rose back at all. We can't make him human for an episode or two. We can't bring Davros or the Master back.

I mean...come on...of course he can go to Rose and live that life...RTD just has to figure out how to make it work.

And I could certainly make it work. So, RTD can make it work, too.

Oh...and also..."We can't do anything about the Hand Doctor...because now he and Rose are so deeply in love that nothing can separate them. It would break his heart to lose her."

I mean...come on...says WHO? Handy is a blank slate which fanon has run with and scribbled all over...but if we pick him up right there on the beach where we left him...he's one frowning and discontented fella. In my book, Ten 2 got screwed, just like Rose and Donna did.

Half a pony is like something out of the Godfather.

:is frightened:

But yes, I know there are happy people making themselves and others happy with Handy/Rose fic. And more power to them. I can't write it because I just get too angry when I try...and also, I can't imagine poor Rose left with such a living reminder of all she's lost. And of the Doctor's suffering. I think in her place I would go mad. But some people can switch loyalties easier than I can and that's good for their sanity, I imagine.

My heart has taken the blow with JE...and I can't cover it with fictional happiness. Hence Gum...which I really should work on...it could be finished if I put my mind to it, I think.


Maybe I've had just a little too much coffee

Yes, the whole thing has a glitch in it. The BBC lady apologized for it. Apparently they lost their feed link or something for a minute.

That was scathing sock puppetry. I particularly liked them going on about Dubai and the Doctor keeping his coat on in the heat. Also the zippers on the alien spacesuits. And I must say, I never even thought about the TARDIS being pitched through the wormhole...good idea that. Of course, wormholes are traditionally rather unstable...so I imagine the Doctor would have vetoed such a suggestion.

ACK! Can you tell me what he says cuz I can't get it to play on my mum's computer and I'm very curious as you seem to thing it's a promising/hopeful thing and I always trust you when it comes to Who.

As for the wrap of filming on David's Doctor, I'm officially in denial and will continue to be until Matt's first ep is shown, if not longer.
Basically, the interviewer mentions how we will see David Tennant become Matt Smith and RTD lifts a brow and says, "Or will we see that? This is all very complicated. You never know with regeneration."

And I'm all...that's right...you don't know! Maybe, if RTD is a proper Father Christmas, we will see Ten go off to live the life he wants to live...and not regenerate until next year...when he comes BACK to our universe.

I'd really like that, myself.

Right where it always was...either he switches Doctors before the regeneration or he doesn't. If it were me...I would have Ten 2 and Ten and Donna in the finale for the most part. Ten 2 being our 'knock 4 times' guy. Like Rose in Turn Left Ten 2 is trying to intersect with Ten. Ten is trying to handle everything on his own...as usual...and is failing to handle stuff. And finally he admits that he's not doing such a grand job of things. He and Ten 2 switch prior to the regeneration.

Either Ten goes back to the beach...or...Ten 2 catches up to him.

I think the reason Ten might be dying is that he can't regenerate...or he doesn't want to regenerate. I feel his going to see Rose in 2005...is very telling about where his hearts are. Sure, maybe he's saying goodbye to everyone...but still...that he would risk screwing over everyone's history just so that he could see her one last time...that says volumes.

My poor husband was sitting next to me while I was watching this video and when RTD started talking about the regeneration I started doing the excited hitting his arm thing. He had no clue what I was on about. I don't know if I could even begin to explain the pony to him. He does agree with me that everyone in JE got screwed. Everyone.
Absolutely everyone
I feel so much for Ten 2 and his frowny face. I sort of love him. I love the way he treats Donna. I don't believe he would EVER have stolen her memories from her. I just also don't believe he loves Rose Tyler. I believe he would stay with her and try to make her happy...cause he's that sort of guy. If she wanted him to stay, he would. But he'd do it for Rose...not for himself. And Rose wouldn't ask that of him...she might however ask him to help her knock some sense into HER Doctor.

The saddest thing of all though...is Ten got screwed. He could be happy right this very minute...instead he's mopey and alone. He is the one that needs to be with Rose. The wanker.

imagining your poor husband...probably much like mine, he just shakes his head and/or groans "Is this about Dr. Who, again?"
Re: Absolutely everyone
See, that's the thing. Not that your Gum on Your Shoes story isn't great and fun (it is, more please) but in general I don't see Ten 2 as the bad guy. I think he got screwed just as badly as Ten and Rose and Donna and like I said, everyone. What upsets me most about the whole situation is that it's really Ten's fault. Things didn't have to go down like that. And I'm supposed to believe that this is the same Doctor who was perfectly willing to take the Master in and keep an eye on him for eternity, but he can't be bothered to look after a version of himself? I don't even think that Ten 2 is as bad as all that. Honestly, was he going to give the Daleks a chance to change and reform? These are Daleks! He's the one who keeps going on about losing everything to them and how no matter what they keep coming back.

*takes a deep breath* Sorry for the rambling and excessive italics. I just end up caring so much about these characters that it's more like it happened to a close friend of mine than someone on tv.
I know what you mean when you say...
...it's more like it happened to a close friend of mine than someone on tv.

And that, in itself, is a testiment to what a wonderful writer RTD is. He really makes us invest in these characters. Which is, yet another reason, why it was wrong of him to have Rose and Ten step so very far out of character. It is wrong from a storyteller standpoint. That just isn't what they would do. Rose, as RTD said, would never have left the TARDIS...never have left his side. They would have had a huge fight over this...not a sort of whining and pushing match.

I can sort of work with JE if I add a lot of spin to it. I mean, Rose obviously didn't realize they were going back to Pete's World. Once she is hit with the idea of her Doctor betraying her...well...I can see her possibly thinking that he's not her Doctor after all. That seems to be what she's testing there on the beach....which one of them is the "REAL" Doctor. Ten 2, apparently, has the right answer to her question. I don't think he had the right kiss, however. I feel, like RTD, that the kiss is the thing.

The original kiss, the one in the confidential...was the correct kiss. But the one we see in JE...is really Rose kissing HIM. He is mostly passive, going along with the idea of being kissed. Like he goes along with the idea of being given Ten's fantasy life...making Rose happy. Ten 2, in my book, has no real choices. I mean, it's not like he could take the TARDIS by force. It's not like HE could do the job of Time Lord without some help from Ten. If he was made to take over...so Ten could go to Rose...and Ten has changed his mind...well...then, Ten 2 is nothing more than a spare part to be chucked in the cupboard and forgotten.

Sad that! And I am afraid that sad and angry is what I got from Ten 2 during that beach scene. I got that he sympathized with Rose, that he felt like she and he were in this sorry mess together and it was even partiallly his fault. But what he seems to feel for Rose is a sort of empathy...like he knows how hard this all is on her and he's trying to make it easier via this promise that he can spend his life with her "if she wants." He has nothing better to do anymore, anyway.

Ten...well...I can explain Ten's behavior only by having it relevant to what happened with Davros. It does appear that Ten truly internalized what Davros told him about himself...that he'd turned his friends into weapons. He feels it is better for the ones he loves that they forget all about him. And I do feel that RTD is going to address that core characteristic of Ten before the end. I want the pony because I want a glorious embracing of life...a reaffirmation that the Doctor IS good for people. And I want him to be happy before he changes into someone else again. I don't think a milder version of that...as sort of...look how everyone has turned out okay...will work.

I think the reversal needs to be grand and complete...so that RTD's run has a clear beginning in the Time Wars...and end in the Doctor's complete healing from them. Giving him Gallifrey back at this late date won't change what he did...I don't think anything should or could change what he did. But he could learn to forgive himself...if he spends a slow life with Rose. That, I think, everyone would believe.

No more David Tennant!Doctor? *sniffle*

Adooooooored the sock puppet PotD. They (He) had some amazingly good (and hilarious) points. XDDD
Gots to love the sock puppets. I simply snickered my way through that. And I can't believe I completely overlooked the TARDIS being right there at the wormhole. Still, I suppose it is possible that the Doctor wouldn't have wanted to risk the TARDIS just being dangled through the wormhole on a crane lift or something...if it had to be tossed into space...I imagine he would rather try other methods first.

One thing about the Doctor...he's usually not going to die permanently...which is a flaw in his character when you consider how much risk he is willing to expose other people to. Yes, YOU PEOPLE are going to die...and I'm going to regenerate.

I know...the pony will keep us company all year long. 2010 could be the year of the pony. And we might even be getting the pony on New Years Day rather than on Christmas. The important thing is we get the pony. Because we have hay and oats and a warm blanket and some of us are raising a barn. And frankly RTD has handed us a load of pony poo already...so it's time we get the pony to go with all that fertilizer he dished up at the end of S4.

So say we all.

We can only hope and pray that RTD thinks like you :).... It's been a wild ride.
Do I hear hoofbeats?
Unfortunately, I can't watch video presently, but as soon as I can I will.

I'm psyched about the alternate regeneration plans, because I agree that such news gives us reason to hope.

Another bit of news that broke today (on a couple of my Twitter feeds) is that Ten's Tale is not limited to the remaining few DW Specials originally announced!

This autumn they'll be releasing a children's animated series of shorts (in the style of 2007's IQ)...with, I must say, an amusing guest cast.( http://tinyurl.com/ql7svj ) What I find especially speculation-inducing is its title: Dreamland.

Now I ask you, Rae, dearest, what do you suppose that Ten would dream of? ;-) What, for him, would be a dream come true? And can he ever get to a place within himself where he can allow himself to believe that he can have what he dreams of?

There's a new-agey saying that "you have to believe it before you can see it."

IMO, at this stage, and in this special - which is produced for kids, recall - will Ten's (and the audience's) lesson be to dream of Rose ...or simply to dream...to, in other words, hope? As I recall, Ten wouldn't tell Martha what he was tempted with in IQ. Perhaps this year he will learn to find enough hope to dream; to find enough hope to believe in his dream: to believe that his dream of being with Rose is good and right. Once he truly believes, he can set about working their stories to the correct culmination.

Hopefully helping him get there, there'll be a two-part SJA. ( http://tinyurl.com/q8jurm ) If SJ doesn't pin (or box) his ears for abandoning his dreams (in an alternate universe, no less!), I'll be very much surprised.

And RTD is quoted as hinting at a third extra "project"...and as we all know: "Three...is a magic number"!

The plans for Ten to show up in SJA this autumn are setting my pulse aflutter - but not for the reason that you might think. Yes, naturally, any and all additionally future appearance are a welcome gift of hope (that there will now be enough of an opportunity to repair Ten&Rose's story -- to get us to the place where they can reach their HEA.). Yes. But on a wholly different...(pony?-)track... I have my fingers crossed that it will be in SJA that Ten and The Brigadier will finally meet! (Huzzah!)

Can I have a hallelujah and an amen, please?
Certainly you can have a Hallelujah
I know most people are hoping that Ten and Sarah Jane get married as that tease RTD hints. But I would imagine that Sarah Jane is getting married for some ulterior motive. I, also, am very interested in the 3rd project since rumor has long held it will be a story set in New York featuring Ten and Rose. And RTD has just applied for his American work visa. Also...David Tennant has a short term American gig...and Billie already has her work permit for Secret Diary on Showtime.

If we switch Doctors or send Ten to Rose then Russell finally has a chance to give us an episode of Rose Tyler, Earth Defender. It wouldn't have to be a huge thing...but it could be a Doctor Who movie. That's the joy of putting the Doctor in an alternative universe for a time...anything can happen. I was quite interested in knowing that Ten would be on SJA...as I wasn't sure about those pictures...I'm still not sure about them, truthfully...as it looks very like the Doctor in those scenes with Wilf...where Ten is wearing the blue shirt.

As for the animated series...I'm not sure about it. We have Georgia Moffat onboard, I see. And also Bernice Summerfield. It would seem that Benny is going to be the flirtatious one...so you must imagine Georgia is playing companion of the moment for this episode. Still, it's nice that she's working with David again...I wonder if it undermines or helps her as companion of the future. I would think it would undermine her, but maybe her character is completely alien and it was just a nice chance to bring your family to work.

Re: Do I hear hoofbeats?
Oh, and yes...I, too, will be very much surprised if Sarah Jane doesn't swat him for giving up on Rose. The very idea that he would abandon Rose is likely to get Sarah Jane's ire up. And it would be interesting if the Brig and Ten finally had a meeting. Huzzah, as you put it.