We interrupt this journal again...for a small rant!

I'm a good television watcher...I believe in supporting shows. But my local NBC affiliate crossed the line tonight with a logo and weather announcement that wiped out 1/3 of the picture from the TOP OF THE SCREEN! Imagine watching only the bottom half of people's faces...for 40 minutes?

They won't get a second chance at my viewership. I hate to see Heroes cancelled...and I hope to speak to NBC about this via email...but I can no longer watch my local NBC station. I will stick to HULU dot COM from now on...and simply wait for Chuck and Heroes to upload. No new shows will be watched...obviously. Too bad!


I *hate* when they cover ANY part of the screen with stupid announcents, logos, etc. But to cover the TOP of the screen is beyond stupidity.

I also hate when they cram the end credits into a tiny box so they can advertise something else... especially when it's a movie like... um.... oh... Sister Act or Young Sherlock Holmes, where they have something plot-related actually happening during the credits! Stupid adverts.

*hugs the BBC*
I rarely watch television anymore, I wait for Hulu.

We get the same type of interruptions here in NM when the weather gets wonky. :(

I really do not mind the weather alert. If it helps someone stay safe, by all means run it at the bottom in a continual stream. I have many video tapes of old with this sort of thing on them. Heck, they could even put up one of those all over blinking logos for a minute and beep out the most important exchange ever on the show...if there was a tornado coming...but this...this was nothing but offensive.

I do hope you don't have them in New Mexico...this is the first time I've ever seen one...but if you heart goes out to you. And I think you should tell the affiliate that you watch Hulu because of crap like that.

Of course, there is the new internet ad that pops into the middle of the screen so you can't see or read anything until you click past them. Seriously...sometimes I hate American commercialism. This attitude is the same attitude behind the Financial consideration for anyone but themselves...they aren't making a better product...they just give us no choice.

My parents were lovely and bought me a tv and HD antenna so I could watch TV the night of ... but whoopdedoo! since the majority of Arizona isn't on DST, all the shows are an hour earlier, which means there is no way I can actually watch them when they air during DST... so I am still stuck watching them a day late (but not a dollar short..haha). Thankfully I do have a docking station so I could watch on the big screen (if I wanted to go to the trouble..).

But ugh, how annoying.
I *HATE* that!!!!!!

The amount of crap that the stations have been piling over the broadcast over the last few years is utterly ridiculous. Combine that with the new digital signals cutting off the edges of the some of the vids (I usually don't notice it until the credits are half cut off, but still) and it's just horrible.

I hope that more shows go to the Fringe format. I love that. Limited commercial interruption. Bliss.

Though, speaking of, they got bumped last week by American Idol, so my TiVo didn't record the last five minutes or so and I ended up watching it online.

If my monitor was larger, I'd watch more TV online, but it's a wee bit squinty right now if I try to watch from the comfort of my recliner. Since I usually watch everything a day late anyway (record with TiVo and skip the commercials), waiting for the shows to appear online isn't a hardship. I'll just have to buy a big ol' monitor next time around. Hell, they're cheaper than the HD TVs!

I've talked to some other people...
...and I think the extreme problems I was having were because I do not have a Hi-Def TV...which is just another way for the networks to cut their throats, if you ask me. I do not have to watch television the old fashioned way anymore. And I have a fairly nice monitor. However, it is inconveniently located for writing...not viewing...but at this rate...I think I will get a digital television and simply skip all cable and local networks and go straight to web-TV.

I can do with less ads, even if I am forced to watch them...also, I really believe the big-3 have overestimated how much we need them at all. I could just wait for DVD or start supporting television programs directly, via webcasts.

Not that they will be losing a lot with me...I only watch a few shows now.


geez, we watch everything online because of stunts like that. And commercials. because it's like: five minutes of show, 10 minutes of commercials. It gets old very fast.
Sidenote: you're a Chuck fan? *does a happy dance* If you REALLY like is please contact NBC (and contact your local station in regards to the covering the whole screen" thing...I think if you do that then they might take is seriously).
Oh BTW, Heroes is already confirmed. It's Chuck that's on the bubble (and I think it shouldn't be AT ALL considering the last few eps). In any case I HAVE to wait until it comes out on Hulu or as I have class in the evening at the exact same time as Chuck. TBH, I stopped watching Heroes a while back (this season didn't enthrall me as much but Chuck nailed it for me this year).
Yes...Chuck has rocked the house this year. I can't miss it. And even my family will watch it...including my significant other...and that is unheard of in our house. So, I hope NBC realizes what they've got. I wish more people would just watch it.

I know they would love it.

I have already contacted them. I really believe in speaking up about shows I enjoy or things I don't like as a consumer. I know that generally speaking large corporations don't seem to care a fig what I say...but at the very least, I did tell them why I stopped watching.

And, yes...I really feel bad about leaving just now when Chuck is in peril. Why? Why is Chuck, of all shows, in peril?