Doctor Who Easter Special...Reaction Post! SPOILERS!

Hello, from merry old England! Well...Scotland. Well...a plane. Sorry, it took me so long to post today. Easter holidays you know. And am I extremely knackered...have you any idea of the time?

But anyway...what you want to know is what I think of today's episode, right?

Step this way for some spoilers...

I thought this was a very good example of what we can expect if Moffat really does go with companion of the week. I don't think he will, btw. I think that is a Ten moping thingee. But if he does...we will have shallower episodes. Because there's no real feeling's just a romp. The Doctor was sexy (especially those sonic shades...Yowza). Lady Christina was sexy. They worked well together. Her backpack was almost like pockets. But I saw no reason to invest much interest in I knew she would be gone by the end of the episode. It is rather like those old Star Trek episodes where Kirk or Spock meet someone perfect and then she's eaten by a space weevil or Spock sobers up or something.

What do we care if Christina is the perfect woman for him and the odd face over the kissing in the tabloids was from another take entirely? She's River Song. She's over before she begins. He's leaving later on...and all we can hope for is that she flies away to guest-star another day. And she does.

So...what else was on the menu? The tritivores were okay. Nice weird environmentally friendly message. I liked the translator devices. As bug-eyed monsters went though, they were not the least bit scary. I liked the Doctor once again being captivated by the average daily lives of ordinary people. All that talk of Kudos to RTD for having such a misleading trailer...nothing was as it appeared. Also, nothing really looked that Hi-Def to me...except the swarm was lovely and menacing. And I really enjoyed the one in the gravity well.

I liked Malcolm but thought he was quite over the top. Liked M'Gombo...thought she might make a nice successor to the Brig. Enjoyed her pistol work. Thought Lady Christina could have used a bit more edge really...she was too cute...I found her reactions a tad shallow. But maybe that is just my prejudice against wildly attractive jewel thieves coming through. Certainly, she was a nice match for the Doctor in the back and forth decision making. I very much liked her taking charge of the bus crowd at the beginning. Yes, Ma'am!

Which brings me to the Pony. You knew I would get there. Here we see that the Doctor isn't moving on from his losses, even in the face of outstanding temptations...he isn't tempted. He mentions Donna calling him spaceman. But it is Rose reflected in how perfect Christina is for Christina rushes to his side and is rebuffed. Remember Rose is defined by his subconscious as "perfect" in Human Nature.

And finally...again...his song is coming to an end. Good murky foreshadowing there. Could mean anything at all. It is returning through the darkness. He will knock four times. I admit this was rather echoing of the creature from Midnight...knocking. And we are set into that place with the bus trip, too. However, I like to think this is a reference to something else and Ten 2.

It might be the Master, knocking is very like drumming. Or it could be Gallifrey. It could be Fendal or something else that is equally sinister. It could even be the Bad Wolf. It could be a reference to River Song again...for those who are committed to her...if you hold with the Time Traveler's Wife theory...because knocking 4 times was the signal for Claire to enter the basement.

But no...I'm sticking with it being the Other. A mythical figure from the Time Lord past...that's Ten 2...who is also Eleven. He's coming. He will knock. I like to think that he will ask to be let take over...and Ten will go to Rose. Because of all the things that our modern Cassandra said...I am most moved by her..."Oh, but you..."

Maybe she sees him...but not him...

Ten...whose song is coming to an end. Still!

I always enjoy your thoughts; thank you for posting! I like your reminder that Rose is his ideal, as reflected in John's journal. What did you make of the Doc's comment to Christina's "You look human": "You look Time Lord" (plus meaningful pause)?
Unrelatedly, why are there communicators for humanoid ears on a ship for fly people? :)
Thanks for that...good to have someone happy to hear from blurry old me.
Got to wonder about those ear pieces, yeah! Maybe they came out of the Doctor's pocket? Or Christina's bag? I would have to look again.

Rose is his ideal, no doubt about it for me. When he says I've lost them all...really? Has he? Or has he lost only Rose and Donna? Well...Astrid...and Jenny, too, and his family and friend on Gallifrey. But you can't call Sarah Jane lost...or Jack...or Martha...or the Brig...really all the rest of his companions. I think he was speaking of the perfect people...people he truly loved who traveled with him. He didn't want another "perfect" person...breaking his heart. But this's to Rose and Donna, I'm willing to bet money on that.

Ha! I didn't even think about the communicators! The script editor should get a smack for that one. There had to be a better way of setting that up. LOL
Ear piece mystery solved...
...they were, of course, for communicating with the native population of that planet. THEY had ears, I bet.

You are right, it was strictly a romp. And Christina was very cute.

Personally I think Malcolm would be a good companion. All that 'I love you' and measuring phenomena in 'Bernards'.

No clues really as to whats coming. The knocking could be anything or anyone. The song reference I think is definitely talking about his regeneration, or as you see it..his stint ending as 'The Doctor'. However it happens, he will be replaced.

Its interesting to think about. The Master and his knocking on the desk was 4 times but it could be a red herring. We will have to wait till the end of the year (Booooooooooooooo!) to find out.
I liked the Malcolm Scale for Space/Time phenomenon...yes. And he might make a good companion...though I would have him tone it down just a little. Still, it's an epic idea...a companion like that. I've always thought he could use a butler type...but mad scientist also works.

Really no clues. Could be anything at all from that. I am happy about the Ood reference though...because that is a Doctor/Donna reference. And everyone automatically assumes it is just about his regeneration. But it could be something else entirely.

Yes, the Master did knock 4 times...didn't he? Hmmmm?

I, of course, believe it is an opportunity. He will knock 4 times...answer!

Malcolm said "I love you!" to the Doctor four times. I'm probably reading way too much into all this but I did think about Peter denying Jesus three times - Easter reference and all that.

I did rather like the fact that after all the fuss about whether the Doctor can say ILU, the one person who openly says it to him without a hint of embarrassment is a male geek who couldn't be further from the romantic stereotype if he tried.

I dunno...I just keep coming back to the thought, what if the Time Lords were watching the Doctor and it was a kind of test, that if he could go for a certain length of time without saying ILU they'd have him back in the club. He's had two chances now and blown both. Third time lucky?
Ah...I see...
You think they are CONSCIOUSLY hiding themselves from him. That would make a lot of sense...given his bad behavior...and also that they might consider it even safer to be hidden away. You know...I like this idea...because I like the idea of the Doctor thumbing his nose at it.

Let's say that the lady in the next special...and she looks very Time Lord to also one. And maybe River was one...that's how she knew his name...maybe she took on human form via the Fob Watch...and that diary was HIS diary...or something similar. Maybe her bio chip was placed in the sonic screwdriver BY her not him. Anyway...she tests him...Malcolm test him...he's tested again on Mars.

And then all hell breaks loose...and it is the humans that help him most. Rose coming back again. Donna risking her mind. This time he gets it. He belongs with the humans. Yes, that could work. But of course, it might negate my Pony! Or...maybe...Ten 2 dies...saving Donna. Another human sacrifice. And the Time Lords are all...Welcome Back. And Ten is all..."I'll be with you in a minute!" And off he goes with Rose....

Rae you've gone and done it, Cat!
I was in the RTD-zone. I was satisfied with my little imaginings and pretty sure I would be okay with his finale. But now you've got me thinking of this glorious and epic ending and I'm getting ideas.

I mean...I would LOVE to see the Doctor take a real stand, make a real choice to live the life he wants to live. So the Time Lords come back and they offer to take him back into the fold...conditionally. Now that he's given up keeping pets. And then the big evil cuts loose and Wilf, Donna, Rose, Martha and Ten 2 all rush to the rescue. Donna risking her life. Rose drawing on her Bad Wolf powers. Ten 2 drawing on the fact that he looks like Ten. There is only the one quiet moment in passing where Ten 2 tells Ten that "It isn't like that." with Rose and him because, tiny shrug, "I look like you, but I'm not you."

Evil defeated. Universe saved. Donna saved. Time Lords open their arms to the wayward lamb. And...he tells them to go stuff it. "These are my people," he tells them. This is my friend Donna, and Wilf and Martha. That man who looked like me and died, he was named Price. And this...?" he takes Rose into an embrace, "This is the woman I love." He kisses her. Everyone cheers. They run toward the TARDIS, hand in hand.

The Time Lords threaten him, "We will seal the walls of the universe against you, Doctor. You will never be able to return."

"HA!" The Doctor and Donna say as one.

And the TARDIS goes browwwahping away.

Cut to deep space...1000 years in the future...a rift opens...he's on the floor regenerating...into MATT SMITH!


:applause from fandom:


I quite agree....
it was a bit of a who are you and who Lady Christina. It was a romp. A cute episode but not epic.

Nice review... but was hoping for Wild Geese :) You're hopeful for ponies.. I'm looking for Geese!
Maybe...Maybe soon...we will see
My beta is a little busy this week. Everyone is in the UK it seems.
Re: Maybe...Maybe soon...we will see
If you want a beta then today is the day. Happy to help out - but from tomorrow I have Iowans in the house.
Oh...I may well take you up on that offer
Thank you! I probably won't have anything until the end of the week. I need a lot of rest these days. The writing is going very slowly.

You're in the UK???? Lucky duck!

It is rather like those old Star Trek episodes where Kirk or Spock meet someone perfect and then she's eaten by a space weevil or Spock sobers up or something.

This made me laugh far more than it should have. Could be because it's after 4:00am and I haven't slept. ;)

I agree that Christina was rather shallow...but I suppose we could have said something similar about Rose if we'd only seen that first episode. It's just not enough time to really establish a character.

And, yes, definitely a bit too cutesy. I think they kind of wanted a Thomas Crown vibe for her (stealing just 'cause he can), but it wasn't coming across. And though they tried to draw a parallel from her thieving to the Doctor taking the TARDIS, it's really not the same thing. Stealing valuable, treasured artifacts vs. snagging an obsolete machine headed for the scrap heap. Yeah...not the same.

Would she have been a fun companion...sure. She certainly meets all of the criteria of past companions (at least she'd like to be there, unlike unwitting travelers like Tegan).

The Tritovores weren't the least bit scary, though the human teeth in the midst of their mandibles was a bit icky. And, again, they were really a nothing sort of alien...just a device to get the bus mobile again. I didn't care about them. And not because they were non-speaking (clever that - no TARDIS, no translation), because I came to care for poor Hath Peck in TDD. Gareth and RTD just didn't do anything with them.

Which is not to say that I didn't like it, 'cause I did. It was fun and kind of breezy. And knowing that the next three specials are going to be fairly dark, I suppose we should take the lightness while we can.

I'm stymied by the psychic's predictions. We make the obvious parallel between the end of the Doctor's song and the end of this particular incarnation, but I can't help but think there is another layer of meaning there that we just don't see yet. "It" is returning through the darkness. Lordy...there's bunches of possibilities there, and I'm really hoping they won't rehash the Daleks/Davros/Cybermen again. Time to find another big bad, guys. And the knocking four times? I've got no clue what that means! But, hey, I don't want to know everything. Spoils the fun. ;)'s all about the song
That was the big deal for this one...I never thought that had anything to do with the obvious end of his Tenth self...because that's not really the song the Ood were discussing.

In context...the Ood have changed...merged with their higher self...the brain. And now a new song begins. They ask the Doctor/Donna to stay with them...but the Doctor says he has his own life...his own song. He points to the TARDIS...traveling...not staying put and joining anyone. And THEN the Ood says...your song is coming to an end.

That song...the song of lonely coming to an end. But, according to RTD, the Doctor took it to mean he would soon regenerate. And even if the Ood were refering to that regeneration that came up...that one WAS about his lonely times ending...because now there are two of him. I feel the Doctor is insisting on being lonely.

I agree that Christina was rather shallow...but I suppose we could have said something similar about Rose if we'd only seen that first episode. It's just not enough time to really establish a character.

Yeah, that was sort of my point. We don't have an opportunity to care about people if we never spend much time with them. You can't build any sort of intimacy or loyality out of fly-by visits.

This is the trouble I have with the idea of great love in the form of Sarah Jane or River is obvious the Doctor cares for these people but he doesn't truly KNOW them. What they are like when they get up in the morning. He likes them...yes...but he isn't really interested in taking care of them when they are feverish. <<--HA! Sudden flashback to Hand of Fear...when Sarah Jane was sick...and he was very worried...and then....he dumps her on the roadway.

Only wasn't like that! But my point is that such a matter how much potential we might imagine it shallow in truth. It is only a relationship in our minds not in reality.

And, yes, I have nothing against the fluff of this one. I enjoyed it. It was cute. I rather wished that the parallel to the Doctor had been more tightly you say...with his stealing the TARDIS. Also, he was apparently fleeing from his people...when he grabbed it. Still, he's not without sin...for sure. So, he can't judge other people...though he often does, of course.

As for the prophecy...could mean anything. My favorite thing for IT to be is Gallifrey...being returned across time by the Bad Wolf energy or something. But I imagine IT is something sinister and unbeatable...and the HE that will knock four Ten 2. Rescue will knock 4 times.

You know it occurs to me...that this is the whole trouble...
...with Time Lords. As I read over what I wrote to you...about Sarah Jane...I find myself thinking about attachment. The Doctor was never attached to anyone before Rose. And after Rose that is what he is seeking...attachment. This is why it hurts to let go of his companions now. It feels like loss, because NOW it is loss.

Before, he was able to sluff off his body and that life and be renewed. "I was a different man, then," he says. We know that he wasn't...really...he still was the Doctor...he still recognized, remembered and cared for his friends of old. But maybe he that the feelings were muted by regeneration. If you think about it...changing your personality, your body, your we know he does...would make you a "different man" with "new eyes" and we see in JE that he doesn't want that to happen. Not with Rose there...he is attached.

Of course, we might then conclude that once there is no chance of further attachment with now...he would be able to let go and grieve and be reborn through regeneration. But he still seems attached. So we must see if RTD has drawn the same conclusions I have on how to rid the Doctor of his attachment phase...basically...allow him to merge with humanity via Donna...and send his lovelorn self off to Rose.

If wishes were ponies...
Definitely. Back in the day, the Doctor was much better at compartmentalizing his losses and going about business. After the loss of Gallifrey and his people, I think he just couldn't do it any more. He had lost too much. He companions had always been just that...companions, along for the ride. He had family and frenemies and history back on Gallifrey. Once they were gone, he turned to his companions to fill the empty space that wasn't there before.

Is Gallifrey the "it" that is returning? I don't know. Was Stephen Moffat on board with the whole "last of the time lords" thing or will he want to return to a more traditional formula? Hm.

I do think that this regeneration will put the final kibosh on the Doctor's pining after Rose, Donna, etc. We know that his regenerations are influenced by the people around him, so without them around (perhaps even regenerating alone? sad!) and perhaps even with the intent in mind that he doesn't want to be in pain and miserable and lonely any more, the new new new Doctor will be able to compartmentalize these losses like the others and move on.

Do I still wish for that pony? Oh yes, but I think RTD is determined not to let us have it. :(

I want a pony, I really really want a pony. Didn’t get one yesterday, and that (amongst other stuff) makes me sad :(

(Good review, though I think I liked Christina a little more than you did.)

Oh, no...I liked her...I really liked her. But I was set against her from her entry...even more so, in the end, since she stole only for the thrill of it I would have far rather had her as a Robin Hood figure liberating the stolen swag of a tiny African Nation or some such. Instead she's a bit shallow. But MOST of the shallow comes not from her...she's well written to be interesting and's from knowing that she will not last.

It's as I said, like Star Trek or The Virginian...or any of those old shows where you know that a character that is "perfect" for the lead...will be dead and gone by the credits. I never enjoyed those "very special" episodes. I found them shallow.

"But no...I'm sticking with it being the Other. A mythical figure from the Time Lord past...that's Ten 2...who is also Eleven. He's coming. He will knock. I like to think that he will ask to be let take over...and Ten will go to Rose."

I truly like this theory. I hope you're right!
Hello Rae, always a pleasure! I thought last night's episode was good but as you said, lacking in too much depth because it is all very face-value due to a lack of emotional ties. I'm glad that Donna got a nice mention; I felt that she was quite over-looked in xmas one. I've heard strong rumours of the Master's return and anything John Simm-shaped puts a grin on my face, but it might be interesting to have a new (or rather 'old') enemy back for Ten's finale. I'm still 100% with you concerning the inadequete, and somewhat awkward, end to the Ten/Rose story and I hope that this is resolved more before Eleven's entrance. I believe that RTD's legacy will be the emotional, 'three-dimensional' element that the Ten/Rose plot lent to the character of the Doctor and for that purpose, I have reason to believe that we are yet to see the last of Miss Tyler. But then, that could just be wishful thinking...

I've just noticed your tags list and I'm going to sit back down and read Dishevelled again, which, for the record, is still easily my all-time favourite DW fanfic and I still maintain that we all want more :p More smut, more plot and more fluff please :D:D:D Hehe x
I thought of you as soon as the Doctor started talking to the people and glorifying the domestic. Sure he was trying to comfort them, but there was none of the hesitating and choking that Nine would have had talking about that stuff. Plus, there's the Doctor's self-destructive streak, "The worse it gets, the more I like it." It all points to what you said - he's not moving on.

That's especially obvious at the end. He does his usual companion-enticing. Tries to be his usual Ten self to lure someone onto his ship. But when Christina kisses him, oh his face-!

It was so sad! Thinking back, no doubt, on the last time he saw a declaration of affection and a sudden snog. At which point he shuts down the flirtatious part of himself and decides that he doesn't want any more companions.

The end also got me. Sure, something returning from "the dark" could be anything, but I'm HOPING for a pony. ;) One thing's for sure; such talk doesn't point to any run-of-the-mill regeneration.
Is there any reason why 10.5 couldn't be the Master in disguise?
All we know for certain is that the Hand was in the control room when the Master regenerated? What if he used it and then somehow left another hand behind?

That would actually be a stunningly successful strategy from the Master's POV. He cheats the Doctor out of Rose and runs off with her himself - in fact, the Doctor actively gives Rose away to him. He also has a lot to do with the Doctor's loss of Donna and, generally turning him into a hopeless wanderer who won't have any more companions and is therefore free to be utterly miserable and to slide downhill emotionally.

The prophecy would actually fit those circumstances rather well. The Master's glee would be wonderful to see if he is able to meet again with the Doctor and reveal his evil plan to him. Finally, he's got rid of everyone else that matters and he has the Doctor completely to himself - which, ironically - was exactly the perverted "marriage" the Doctor proposed to him back in LOTTL.

Plus, I can't help reflecting, what a brilliant shocker for all the people who saw 10.5 as the happy ending. The Rose-haters would get their dearest wish - the Doctor's true love delivered into the Master's clutches. The rest of us would get one hell of a cliffhanger and, hopefully, a pony. is no reason...
...and it would explain the Master keeping the hand on hand. He does, you know? He has it or his own...under the desk as he falls to the floor defeated in LotTL. There are some lovely, bubbly shots of it. And yeah, it would be one helluva a cliffhanger...and a pony.

Because Rose would not be defeated. She might take a beating but she'd find a way to rescue come back to her Doctor if he was threatened. I suppose Ten 2 could be the Master. And in the guise of the Doctor he might break the time lock and free Gallifrey, too. But in that case...someone would have to save Donna.

Unless...Donna uses the link with Ten 2 to somehow defeat him.

In this scenario...the fellow I think is the Master...Mr. Naismith...could be one of your watchful Time Lords.

BTW, is that a Rose-haters truest have Rose delivered into the hands of the Master? I would think they would be instantly aware of the fact that she was going to kick his ass and save the day again. But they are rather clueless about her ability to kick ass...despite all of the evidence in canon.

Interesting idea...but I liked the other one better.

There is one reason 10.5 might not be the Master in disguise. It would leave far too much to chance...unless somehow Donna's Ring is the Master's ring modified. I know a lot of people suggested such a thing...but I really don't know how the ring would be delivered to Donna. And if it wasn't the ring that triggered the Metacrisis...that would mean that the Master was leaving the protection of the hand...and his own chance.

Not very like him at all.