Stay on target...stay on target...Spoilers for Doctor Who Special #1

Or is it #2...I mean...wasn't last Christmas special enough?

So...apparently, there is snogging in this episode. Who is surprised? Show of hands! I am a little surprised because Jackson Lake didn't get snogged in some fashion. Or at the very least, Rosita might have stepped up to take one for the team. Apparently, DT has some contractual obligation to sample the wares of every woman of a certain build that sashays on set. More power to him. A man has to get the snogs when and where he can get them.

But what does this say about our eventual real kiss? To me, it says RTD stays on target. He's like one of those rebel Y-Wings (hopefully one flown by an up-and-coming Jedi Knight). That's right your instincts: use the force this time and lay off the targeting computer.

"Luke, you've turned your computer off."

"It's okay. I know what I'm doing."

The Death Star has cleared the planet. Stand-by...Stand-by...

:clearing my throat:


I'm saying that if we have yet another ambush kiss of the Doctor. And we can indeedy count Rose's kiss of Ten 2 as an ambush kiss...because all we actually see is him struggling and her holding his coat and then head...then, Ten has yet to really kiss a woman. Astrid was nothing but a memory when kissed. Martha was a smoke screen of DNA confusion. Joan was John Smith. So...his real kiss is still out there...for our Rose.

And RTD staying on this is a one-trick pony and he loves it. Staying with this pony of the ambush a good thing for those of us who want him to stick with the OTHER Pony...the Rose/Ten true love.

I'm just saying.

Pony Powah!

I'm not sure of the right order of the pics that I saw, but he didn't exactly look overly thrilled at being smooched.

I swear RTD is trying to make up for 40 years of non-kissage.
This was my point. He gets kissed by Lady Christina, I imagine. And I doubt he is thrilled by it. Probably he is all..."Stop it" he was with Martha.

happy to have RTD stay on target with the Rose/Ten love though.
Agreed he looked none too happy about the snoggage. Save it for Rose, my darling. She's ponyrific!
He did look quite unimpressed. But I imagine David gave Ryan her due during the many retakes of the scene. And you know, counting Nine...Rose did get an almost voluntary kiss. I'm sure there was some groping in the exchange of Temporal Energy there. And also...I don't know if you noticed...but his Martha Kiss appeared to be based on Rose stylings...he goes for the head and holds I like to think all he knows of kissing comes from...well...Cassandra.


who might think it came from Jack...I think Jack holds his face, too.
I am so glad I was able to properly swallow my coffee when I read the Cassandra bit. We came very close to monitor sprayage!

Can you imagine a fic where Jack teaches 10 how to snog properly? Oh god, I think my CPU is melting....
Not only can I imagine such a fic...I could almost write it. Though I am afraid it wouldn't be SMUT-Tastic the way it might be if some Jack/Doctor author did it. Still...I can see it now...during that long night in the warehouse...during Sound of Drums. The Doctor explains about Martha's confusion over a simple genetic transfer...and one thing leads to another with Jack.


Okay so I have to say.. I love your brain wouldn't mind living in it for a while you can turn almost any scenario doctor/roseish. Then again on the other hand if RTDs brain proves to be not as awesomely twisty as yours *glares at certain evil plot devices which shall remain nameless* I will be not only outraged and horribly sorry for him and his lack of creative genius, I will be horribly dissaponted as in like in depressed limbo which I briefly occupied post JE. Honestly it often looks like a loose loose situation cause having since developed some slight level of fondness for clone! doctor im not sure i want them to kill him off either. Still i applord your powers of awesome speculationyness. :)
P.S loved the starwars reference. (the picture of the guy saying "stay on target* is amazingly vivid in my mind....(course theres the explody scene soon after-and not the good the deathstar is gone one either) urging RTD to turn off his computer and use the force. He has already had that JE bad explosion thingee. Now for his second run...he should use the force.

And thanks for the lovely comments about my overactive imagination. I try hard not to bother people with it, but in the case of Rose/Ten...I indulge myself.

Oh...I absolutely do not want Ten 2 killed off. I want him to become OUR Doctor...and also...have married River Song in Pete's World. I so want him to have a full and rewarding life. How DARE RTD and Ten have stuck him with TEN'S fantasy life?

See? I do believe that Nine fell in love with Rose...and Ten carried on...but I think that was because the love was so very strong. I also think that regeneration changes things...mutes feelings sometimes...helps a Time Lord to let go of the past and move forward. And I think Ten 2 is Eleven...and part Donna. He's post regeneration...Ten is still pre-regeneration. And yes, Rose love lived on...through it all...but Ten was holding onto that love with all of his might when he created Ten 2.

I do think he, TEN, held on to the love and therefore cleared Ten 2 of it. Which means poor Ten 2 is trapped in Ten's fantasy. Free Ten 2 I say...FREE HIM!


great so now have images of large petitions and huge groups of fans storming the bbc with david tennants face on placards yelling FREE HIM and other such slogans.
If only I could muster that kind of fanpower...


I would love to start a FREE TEN 2! MARCH on the BBC!

Re: Giggles
Well just found out i was going to the uk and europe (is the Uk and europe all counted as just europe or does europe refer to just the continet?) well neway will volunteer to lead march of 1 -and possibly con other nondoctor who fan friend into marching too so maybe 1.5-
I would love to see those loose ends wrapped up. So love it. I'm clinging to the fact that he looks actually quite miffed at being snogged yet again. *crosses fingers*

He has been forced into exile with Ten's fantasy girlfriend. Let him go. Let him live his own dreams, man!

With all this pesky, uninvited kissing that Ten gets tangled up in, makes you wonder why he thinks it's a good idea to regenerate young again, doesn't it?

Though the real reason is probably just Moffat and his Bond outlook. >_>
Maybe the regeneration is out of his control. Maybe he's feeling a little wet behind the ears these days...inexperienced and on his own.

Or Moffat likes the randy young man. :grin:

who has no idea what Moffat will do with all hangs for me...on what RTD does before he goes.