Hammer Time Remix

If you are dualbunny or a Donna, Jack or Martha fan...or a vidding purist who just wants quicker cuts, there is now a remix of my recovered files for Ten on Physics.

Download it at... hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=LN801RNR

Or standby for a streaming one...waiting for link...waiting...waiting...

Okay...I'm going for dinner...check back later.

STREAMING: http://www.imeem.com/people/WykvRZc/video/w4nbXWcK/rabid1st-ten-on-physics-remix-tv-video/

every time I get a Rabid1st has updated live journal announcement....I keep hoping for WILD GEESE :)
Tell you what...I will go work on the chapter right now. You having such a rough time in RL and me all slacking with the video making. :hanging my head in shame:

Hey rae - umm - is it just me or does it look just like the original you posted earlier on? watever, if so, 'cuz the vid is still completely rockin' and totally awesome!!! :) ~Sharma (again)
No...it is very much the same...there is not much change at all to the untrained eye.

But if you are a vidding purist...you might notice some of the cuts are quicker...and I've added footage of Donna, Jack and Martha...on the other hand...I lost some of my absolutely spot on synchronization of sound and vid at the end.

I hate WMM. Must learn a new vid program.

Thanks for looking at the second version.


Wait a minute...did you DL...? You must have! Wait a minute...

OMG! Did I upload the wrong one? Check my streaming video please...and see.


Rabid is so very tired and may have uploaded the wrong one.

That was hilarious. Great job.

I've been meaning to comment on your last few posts and somehow I haven't. I held off reading Like Gum on Your Shoe for awhile because I'm not anti-10.5. In fact, I'm kinda protective of him and was afraid how you'd treat him. I avoided some of your posts 'cause I didn't think I could bear the 10.5 hate. Well, I loved Gum, of course. I eagerly await more chapters.

I also wanted to comment on your BSG post, but I didn't know what your interests were. I think somehow I gleamed that you are a Kara/Lee shipper, and I couldn't give a fig if they ever got together. In fact, I quite like Sam.

If I ship anyone in BSG, it's Baltar/Head!Six. I adore Baltar (and all the Sixes involved with him), and I don't know if you hated him or what. I gotta say, Baltar has been my favorite character throughout, starting with the miniseries. But then, I didn't watch the show in real time. I saw the mini through S4 in the Fall of last year. I think watching it in a compressed time frame effects your viewpoint. It's like how I wasn't all that impressed with Cally and a friend of mine thought she was the bee's knees. *shrug*

Anyway, I wanted to check with you and I let opportunities pass by. Bad me.

First, how the heck are you?
I hope your health is better. Mine remains about the same.

I'm glad you enjoyed the vid. I wish I could say I had fun making it but Movie Maker ruined the experience for me. Still, I am proud of the finished product and I really need the love...so thanks for sharing yours with me.

As for Kara/Lee...yes, they were my ship. Now, I don't care about anyone on the show. I suppose I would still like to see Kara/Lee end up happy...but it would be very shallow for me. As for Baltar...meh...I certainly think he and Head!Six make the best couple. I'm just not into them. Frankly, everyone on BSG sort of makes me miserable...which is why I don't watch the show anymore. I'm planning to force myself to finish S4...but so far...I've just been putting it off.

Finally...my stand on 10.5 is a very long way from hate. I do not want him with Rose. I cannot even imagine a world where that happens. Just like I could not imagine a world where the Doctor suddenly loves Martha. My feelings about 10.5 however do not in anyway parallel my feelings about Martha. Martha was a character I could not like...10.5 is a character I feel should be the next Doctor.

I do not want to go on watching Doctor Who (and I've wanted to go watching it for my entire television viewing life...so this is a very big deal for me) if Ten simply regenerates into Eleven and goes on. To me 10.5 is the Next Doctor and what Ten did to him was just as bad as what was done to Rose and Donna. This is what I want to happen in canon...I want RTD to switch personalities on the Doctors. This would allow poor 10.5 who has been exiled to what amounts to another man's fantasy life...to have a full life of his own. It also would reset the character of the Doctor...removing the lovelorn, bitter and lonely parts of him...they would go to Rose for comfort and care.

But...in Gum...10.5 takes it on the chin...and it might bother you. I do not view him, however, with HATE...though everyone in the story so far...hates him. I figure, if you feel extra protective towards him, you will find it less fun to read than someone who did hate him. But rest assured, 10.5 is as much a victim in Gum as Rose or her children...and the Doctor is the one I hold responsible. It is, ultimately, in my mind...TEN who made the wrong choices and put people into situations that I feel they couldn't possibly thrive in.

In this, by the way, RTD agrees with me...he apparently said in his book that there was no way Rose would ever love 10.5. Of course, he later said he'd "solved that problem" by giving Rose a choice...but truthfully...in the story we saw...Rose did not have much choice. And that story was quite obviously re-cut after RTD had finished his book.

always happy to see you...stop in any time for tea and sympathy.
I'm doing well, health-wise. In the hospital for my stroke, I was told I was pre-diabetic and my triglycerides were elevated. I had blood work done last week, and my blood sugar and cholesterol was normal. Yay! A low carb diet and walking does work.

I can accept and deal evol!TenII in your story. It's an AU deal for me. I don't think that the problem of 10.5 is going to be fixed to your satisfaction, so I'd like to think that 10.5/Rose are going to be happy. And I feel for Half-Human!Ten. I want him to be happy, too. I guess I feel he *is* Ten stuck with some human biology. There just happens to be a grieving Gallifreyan!Ten, too. The Gallifreyan gets no lasting happy endings. I suppose Moffat will ply him with romantic interests to keep him busy. :(

Sigh. I know I'll be approaching Eleven with less interest. Especially with Moffat at the reins. I usually side with the male in my ships, but I will miss Rose dearly. And the-sure-the-be-in-the-offing Moffart!Tarts will be sour for me.

Double sigh. The end of RTD's reign might be the end of my DW *focus*. My husband is a noromo, so he'll still be riveted and I'll end up still watching because of him. But it won't be the same.