VID: Hammer Time...aka Ten Explains Physics

First, I should say...I am deeply ashamed of myself for doing this vid. I know I'm a disappointment to my vidding mentor, Bunny. I know the song is corny and dated and just...awful in so many ways...but it makes me smile.

So, you see, I couldn't help myself...really.

"A souped-up homeboy...with two hyped feet."

COME ON...that's TEN! This is a video about the kinetic wonder that is the Tenth Doctor. The concept is basically all about energy and know? Physics!

by Rabid1st
A Tenth Doctor Tribute
Song: U Can't Touch This
Artist: MC Hammer (Yeah, I know! I'm ashamed!)


Download is at MU and is 28MB (change hxxp to http)


asking you to leave feedback here rather than at Imeem because I really don't know how to get it at Imeem!
Glad you liked it. I probably could have done a bit more with it but WMM keeps crashing on me. And it finally rendered one that was musically on target.

The ending is exactly the same as the Rock and Roll ending. That's cheating...I know. But you really can't beat that particular montage of hugging, in my less than humble opinion. Maybe I will end every Ten vid that way. I will be able to end them, once it all ends, finally...on a REAL KISS!!!

SIGH! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

We live in hope! And for encouraging feedback. So, thanks for leaving me some.

All vids of awesome deserve proper feedback. WMM is a tad evil which is why I'm so happy I have Vegas now. Not that I have any clue what I'm doing in it but its pretty and you get to trim your own clips.

If only I had hope of a pony at the end of the road. I suppose I'll just have to content myself with complete and utter disinterest after they disappoint me...

and other fandoms that eat my brain. ;)
Heeeeeeee! Can't go wrong with a little M.C. Hammer. ;)

Oh, hey, YouTube yanked "Rock and Roll" - is there somewhere else I can bookmark/download it?
P.S. Totally unrelated, but after watching tonight's BSG, I have more hope for a satisfying ending next week. I can't believe there's only 2 more hours left!
Actually, truth be told...I had a great time with this song. And everyone is humming it now at Chez Rabid.

Try this download link for Rock and Roll...

And...YouTube can bite me. Seriously, MC Hammer could use the sales my vid might earn him, but they wouldn't let me up;oad it...even though there are several other vids with the same song.

I feel I should invent a way to protect songs from download so we can move beyond this nonsense...they are losing nothing on my's pure gain.

OMG! This mv of yours is surprisingly quite apt. And so, I want to have its action-y, smirky-ey babies pronto!!! ;) *LOL*

In all seriousness, this was expertly edited, and quite adorably FUN to watch. :) Grrrreat job! :)

My vid likes you very much, too. :grin:

Thank you for the comments re: editting. As I was saying below, this one was particularly hard to edit. So, I will treasure your particular feedback. Thanks!

That was possibly the most brilliant thing ever! Funny, yet apt, with fantastic editing. Plus, got to see a lot of scenes here that typically don't get vidded. My only *slight* disappointment was not seeing Ten tell Jackie not to touch his TARDIS in JE, but who the heck knows how viddable that moment was? I certainly can't do this sort of thing, lol! I don't think I'll ever be able to hear this song again and not think of Ten.
Thanks for the lovely feedback! My disappointment is in that I was unable to insert Jack's hug into that one with Zak. The timing is off from there...just a little...but my damned video editor just kept crashing.

In fact one of the reasons this is on the template of Rock and Roll is that I lost ALL of my clips at a major crash and had to start over. Defeated by technology, I cheated a little. But as you noticed I was still able to reclip a lot of lesser used footage.

And yeah, I think it says TEN...even though the lyric I copied may be wrong. A Hammer fan tells me it's "A mind to rhyme and two hyped feet." Which does make a tad more sense for the song. I think I'm going to try a different video editor. WMM is making me crazy.

Again, thank you for the love though...I really needed it for this was draining to make.

I love it! the music goes surprisingly well, I never thought I'd see MC Hammer with Ten lol.But then again your music choices in other vids I've seen are spot on too, You must think about the music first?or maybe you've just got a great taste in tunes :)

anyways I loved the vid, ad the clips made me giggle =D

I can't read the characters they want me to put in... any suggestions?
Not really...but, you know what?
They just upgraded the site and I have been having that trouble, too. The letters have been very hard to read.

Tell you what, though...don't DL that one...

DL this one :

It's a better version...and maybe the letters will be clearer.

Sorry, you are having such a hard time. Is there a handicapped link? I used the handicapped link for a recent order somewhere and they gave me a clearer set of letters.

Re: Not really...but, you know what?
Thanks.... I've finally been able to download it and will look forward to watching it later!
Re: Not really...but, you know what?
and thanks to your icon... I'm off to re-read dishevelled :)