So...the laws of physics have been violated...

Over the last five years I have lost so many pairs of clip-on sunglasses in my apartment that, if physics did apply, there would be a large enough pile of sunglasses to be noticed by the naked eye. I am talking well over 100 pair of glasses, left on the kitchen table, have vanished. Is there some kind of space/time portal under the fruit bowl? Or do we have extremely sun-sensitive Borrowers?

Let's say it IS Borrowers? What do you all think they are doing with all of those pairs of clip-on (some of them have springs and some have magnetic devices for attaching to the primary glasses) sunglasses? Building tiny greenhouses?

Well if they're building a greenhouse, they're padding it with my missing socks. Theoretically.

Honestly, I prefer the mental image of the Doctor, standing in the TARDIS, holding up a bewildering collection of your missing sunglasses and saying "...what??" Just like Jack's in the Hub holding up my one lone sock and giving it The Look. O_o
Borrowers have cars?

I suppose they could have's a window tinting business in my wainscotting? If wainscotting is a thing I can have in my apartment.

Why not? I mean, if youve seen the movie, one of the borrowers (Spud if I remember rightly) had that vehicle that shot along in the pipes. And borrowers tend to have small copies of large human things. And in the country of many vehicles, borrower cars is a natural progression. As for the business of window tinting, Im sure its very lucrative and profitable.
Firstly: Borrowers ftw.
Secondly: Have you ever read/heard of "A Place Called Here", By Cecelia Ahern? It's a beautiful book, with an amazing explanation for where lost things go :) I won't tell you it in case you plan on reading it, 'cause I don't wanna spoil it :) It really is a beautiful book, I've destroyed the pages on mine through the sheer love xD

OK. SO. I LOL'd at your Borrowers mention, b/c I used to love that movie as a kid...ACTUALLY it was the TV series one, with Ian Holm. We taped it off of the TV and it wore out years ago and I never thought about searching out another copy. Haven't seen it since I was like, 10. So...I decided to look it up and see where all the other actors were in life, and I NEARLY FELL DEAD ON THE FLOOR. B/c I looked at who played Homily...and OMFB. Penelope Wilton. HARRIET JONES!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like this instant OMG! OF COURSE! Moment, b/c while I didn't remember her face specifically, I remember her VOICE! And lmao! Just HILARIOUS. Now I'm going to HAVE to search out a copy of this movie and watch it again, b/c it's been yeaaaars and just. HARRIET JOOONNNEES! LOL

As for theories on you missing sunglasses, I love angely78's imagery of the Doctor being all..."WOT!?" at a giant pile of sunglasses. LOL!
I do like the idea of Ten being involved. I know that David Tennant wears maybe TEN wears them as well.

Maybe there is a Vortex under your fruit bowl. Humans created them in Heroes (Angels and Monsters), so why not Borrower versions?

Of course, these portal dimension things have to lead up into the TARDIS. Who knows, maybe everyone at the Albert Hall now owns a pair following Music of the Spheres?

One of my mantras about calming stress when I lose things is, it will turn up when it wants to be found.