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Video Rec: Buffy and Angel Gen Vid--no particular couple

So, I've been away for a bit. Real life and a nasty virus have been adding complications to my chronic condition. Then, I come home Friday to a computer that won't start. Out of a clear blue, non-power-surging blue sky. It started for me before work, worked normally, but after work...nada, nothing, zippo, dead in the water, a heavy, shiny paperweight.

Luckily, it was only a power button problem. Forty dollars to fix. WHEW!

But, while it is at the shop, I am using the old stand-by computer from 5 years ago and discovering the joy of files long forgotten. I've been watching all of my old BSG vids, which I backed up to this PC. And I've been watching S2-S5 of Buffy. That led me to look for Buffy vids on YouTube. And I found this one.

Talk about brightening my day...the idea isn't really that original, but there's something about this particular mix. Words really won't do this one justice. It's a must see! I kept breaking out in snickers!

I Can't Dance
by SemiCharmedMike

Oh...and here is another one...for you Season 2, Angel the Series fans, like myself.

by Lightsallfading
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