Video Rec: Buffy and Angel Gen Vid--no particular couple

So, I've been away for a bit. Real life and a nasty virus have been adding complications to my chronic condition. Then, I come home Friday to a computer that won't start. Out of a clear blue, non-power-surging blue sky. It started for me before work, worked normally, but after work...nada, nothing, zippo, dead in the water, a heavy, shiny paperweight.

Luckily, it was only a power button problem. Forty dollars to fix. WHEW!

But, while it is at the shop, I am using the old stand-by computer from 5 years ago and discovering the joy of files long forgotten. I've been watching all of my old BSG vids, which I backed up to this PC. And I've been watching S2-S5 of Buffy. That led me to look for Buffy vids on YouTube. And I found this one.

Talk about brightening my day...the idea isn't really that original, but there's something about this particular mix. Words really won't do this one justice. It's a must see! I kept breaking out in snickers!

I Can't Dance
by SemiCharmedMike

Oh...and here is another one...for you Season 2, Angel the Series fans, like myself.

by Lightsallfading
That is pretty good. I haven't seen much AtS, but Angel and Wesley suuuuuuck as dancers.

How are you doing with that cold?
so many good memories :) they really are bad dancers, *especially* wesley. i nearly burst an aneurysm laughing when i saw the three geeks as "gods." oh, BtVS season 5/early season 6, how i miss you.

and how much do i still love Angel (the series)? a very large amount, like a googleplex or something. wes/gunn are so cute. and drunk karaoke, still one of my all time favorite scenes ever.

glad your compy was a less complicated fix, and feel better! (p.s. - do you still remember my kid's name? sorry, couldn't resist :P )


No, no...kidding. I remember it. Begins with an L, yeah?

But I'll tell you what I didn't go check out your fic. I will try to get on that soon. And I just watched Out of My Mind in my rewatch of S5. JW is so high right now in my estimations...all I need to do is avoid the bad of Mid-S6 and S7 and maybe I can continue to enjoy.

Angel is so good when Angel is a doofus and happy. I have been re-arranging BtVS couples into the perfect matches as I rewatched, too. I think if I ever was moved to write a future AU BTVS fic I would go with Buffy/Oz, Wes/Angel, Giles/Anya, Riley/Faith, Willow/Tara and Fred/Xander.

I really could do a lot with Buffy/Oz and Riley/Faith pairings. There is untapped potential there.

it DOES begin with an L!

hey, yeah, go check out my fic. the heroes one is at the sylarelle comm (up to three parts now, be still my heart - you know what, here is the URL: ) and for some reason i have never posted any of my fic to my journal...i know, a grievous error in judgment. i should fix that. but then i will just get mad at all the little coding bugaboos that creep in like they always seem to when i post stuff.

i rewatched the first half of S5 a couple of months ago and both OOMM and of course Fool For Love gave my heart pretty little upswellings. avoidance is a very practical defense mechanism. use it.

regarding your future AU plans - *looks under your bed* are you keeping spike for yourself? ;) for some reason i never got all that excited about oz, and i think you can guess/remember how i feel about riley. but if you wrote it, i would read it :)
OMG...I still laugh every single time I see the Angel dance. Good times....