Announcing a New Community... unsung_dw

Hello Flist;

I imagine many of you have been spammed by my new community already. But I have been sadly lacking in participation of late, due to the hacking, sneezing upper respiratory thingee. So, this is my spamming duty taken care of for the moment.

unsung_dw is a community for Doctor Who fanfiction fans to sing the praises of little known fics or authors. It's a place for well-read or well-known people to give back to the fandom by spreading the word about new discoveries. Now, I know that we all get excited when we find a treat in fanfiction and we spread the word. But this is more like all of us spreading the word in one place.

One of my bestest buddies in the Buffy fandom, Mary, wrote a little fic called Journeys. She was a one shot wonder. But what a shot it was. Now, Journeys became amazingly acclaimed, because it sort of transformed people...but I remember a time when Mary was unsure about even letting it out into the light of day. And I bet you there are people in the Doctor Who fandom who also have that one fic in them...or who are just starting out. This new community, unsung_dw , is hopefully going to help those people, those fics, find a greater audience. is also going to encourage those of us who read to sing the praises of the authors we discover.

What's not to love about that?

I've written one DW fic, but it was more like a desperate cry for help post-Journey's End rather than a well balanced one shot. Maybe reading from this community will help to inspire me to write something better. Thanks for the link!
No problem. You are a grand reviewer so you should be a real asset to the group.

:wonders if I read your fic: Since I was steadfastly avoiding every post-JE story...probably I did not.

You wouldn't have read it as I have screened it under "Private" in my journal. =P It's not something I would like to share anyway.

Grand reviewer? *blush* Why thankee.
Thanks! And Touchpaper gets a mention in my intro, too. Also, I keep meaning to tell you that "wet Doctor" story you had recently...which I can no longer find...was fantastic. I got called away before I could review and then when I looked through your recent entries I couldn't find it. I think it was you that wrote it. There was rain and wet Ten and Rose interested in the way he smelled...all good things. Also, smut!

This will teach me to put things in memories. No, it probably won't...but it should.


Aw...*blushes a lot* Thank you! You're very kind; what a sweet thing for you to do! I really appreciate it!

And the "wet Doctor" story, I think, was Breathe In. At least I hope that's the one!

Thank you again. This really made my day! *hugs*
Great idea. I joined. I need to be brave and branch out in my Who reading beyond just your lovelies. ;)
I think this is such a great idea - I've already signed up. I don't think I've read "Journeys". Do you know where I might find it?
I do, indeed, know where to find it.
I still host it. You can go to my old Buffy/Spike site...and click on the red link for Mary's Fic.

I lied as it turns out...or rather I had forgotten...she has 2 stellar fics. But Journeys is the real deal...assuming you can do Spike/Buffy.

If you are a hard core Buffy/Angel fan but can tolerate some 3 way could try my story Beg to Differ.

I don't think it will make you blush.