The Sex Talk

Hello Friends;

Today's rant is brought to you by the uptight folks at FanfictionNet. Not the ordinary day-to-day folk but the ones with a stick so far up their butt they are damaging their few remaining brain cells. I'm sure YOU know who they are even if they, themselves, are blissfully ignorant.

But first, a germaine aside: For those of you following my BtVS S7 fic, ICHNOBATE, (and are over 18) here's a bit of good news, the long awaited sex scene goes public tomorrow. Or maybe even later tonight...Beta Babes willing. And the reason that is germaine? Because I know how long some of you have been waiting for ICHNOBATE to move away from the PG-13 harsh language stage and deliver on the sexual tension. "Enough talk," you say. "Let's get busy." And it was this very PG-13ness that led me back to the den of dubious taste that is FanFictionNet.

"Hey," I thought, "All I need to do is not post the sex chapter and this story will be okay for entertaining the kiddies." But then, I thought, "On the other hand...I wouldn't want to tempt the kiddies to my NC-17 site." Now, don't get me started on the lack of parental supervision that has children surfing the net and reading erotica with nobody the wiser. Because that is an entirely DIFFERENT very close to my heart. And I know some of you with children may want to express your feelings about how HARD it is to STOP a child from being bad...and let me say...I know that too. I do it every dang day at the public library (Where AGAIN children are abandoned to their own devices by parents who should know better). And my personal feeling is, if you CAN'T stop your child from reading my fic...reconsider your discipline methods, your values or your ownership of an internet computer. Because there are pedophiles out here in WEBLAND who run sites filled with puppies and candy canes and other happy-go-lucky fun stuff. Clearly marked erotica is the LEAST of your problems if you are a parent of a curious child.

So, anyway...sorry about the aside...but as I said...I was concerned for the safety of other people's children. So, acting with due diligence, I place the story in the R-Rated Category and left the NC-17 distinction in my author's notes in the body of the text.

I did not think this was a problem as there is no NC-17 content. In later chapters I even remark on the LACK of NC-17 material in those same Authorial notes, promising that one day there might be some...but NOT YET!

And this rant is brought to you by the person who objected to that internal rating. Now, it really goes without saying, they objected WITHOUT reading ICHNOBATE (though they went ahead and said that anyway in their threatening review). They threatened to have me removed from the site if I didn't remove the NC-17 warning...and edit out any sexual references. Okay, as I said...the latter...not a problem! But the former sure as hell is...I will NOT be cowed because someone doesn't like a certain combination of letters and numbers appearing in my Author's Notes. HA! Ask me if I will!

So, the story is staying up until the FFN PTB's suspend my membership. The sex scenes will be edited down to two little kittens play with yarn. And my internal warning will remain...with a possible caveat in a later chapter that mentions this is an edited version of the NC-17 story. Because DAMN Sparky...people have the right to know, and I certainly have the right to say, THIS ISN'T THE FULL STORY. Movies edited for television say so. And they can appear on TV because the X on the outside of a package isn't what makes a movie's the full frontal on film that should be causing an uproar.

BTW...if you ARE 18 or over and want to read ICHNOBATE, you can find it at my site: