Here with my hand out...for someone else...

I don't even know this person very well, but she once made my day with a positive review and, when I stumbled upon it today, I decided to checked in on her to see how she was doing. I found her quite distraught and suffering the sad effects of having the economy collapse on top of her. Not sure anyone I reach can help, because I know we are all poverty striken fibro-suffers around these parts...but if you could pass on her story, it would be very much appreciated.

Full story here:

Attention LJ People!

I am older. That is all. Thank you!

Oh, and, also, I've been slacking on the pic a week thing for over a month now.

So here is a pic for you, too.


It is a plant from my yard that is amazingly still there. I say amazingly because...a plant exactly like this one once caused me a world of hurt. When I was about 12 years old I was riding my bike through thick sand when, as sometimes happens, I became mired, lost control of the bike and tipped over the handlebars. I fell straight into a Spanish Sword plant like this one. Oww! Owww! Owwww! I could have put an eye out. Or pierced a nostril.

It only got me in the fleshy bits of my arms and legs, but I hold a grudge.

Photo of the Week #3

So, I was driving through a nearby town and I saw this 18 foot alligator in front of a store.

"Now there's a great photo for my photo a week LJ post: an 18 foot long stuffed gator!" I said to myself.

But I didn't have my camera with me. So, I figured I would just go home and get the camera and take that picture.

However, the alligator...vanished. During the two hours it took me to get home and then back to the store.

I like to think someone just saw it and bought it while I was gone. The store was closed so I couldn't ask. Maybe they took the gator inside when they closed. But, here's another thought...that store is right next to a swamp...maybe...just was a live alligator and it walked away.

Anyway, no picture of it for you guys! So, I guess it never happened. SIGH!

Here's an iron horse surrounded by birds who love muffins. The lady walking rapidly on the edge of some further swampland. And the birds wade there...and demand muffin scraps from anyone they see coming out of the bakery that installed this horse.


Picture of the Week #2

Since my azalea bushes are convinced that Spring is just around the corner. I decided to take a look at my container garden. It hasn't been looked at since we dumped everthing but a couple of herbs and moved to our new house. It has gone to weeds and apparently termites have eaten a trowel.


As you can see I have my work cut out for me if I mean to have a lovely container garden by this Summer.

Jessica feels this is a sad state of affairs. And my time would be put to better use by simply setting all of this on fire.


Fibro strikes... one of the Avengers...not of the real superhero ones. :snicker: Sorry, Jenn!(and other Hawkeye lovers) I couldn't resist.

Anyway, my point David Banner's temper, my Fibro strikes suddenly and is monosyllabic.

Today was one of those happy, once in a couple dozen blue moons sort of day when I felt like doing a little chore or two. And I set myself a little chore. I intended to clean off my bathroom countertop and sink. Just put the tubs and bottles in their proper places and wipe stuff off with a little Simple Green and baking soda and DONE!

I did that. And then I thought...since I have the baking soda and Simple Green and sponge and paper towels out...why not also wipe down the kitchen sink.

So, I did that. And while doing that...why not toss a few things in the laundry. Not a full load, just underwear and socks and a stray pillow case or two.

So, I did that.

And then...I thought...why not just wipe the soapy sponge across the range top? Nothing crazy. I realize I'm getting tired. I even told my inner cleaning freak that very thing, when she said something about the floor needing a good mopping. "Another day," I said, while thinking she must be crazy if she thinks I will ever again mop a floor. "I am getting tired," I said. "Just...wipe and rinse and DONE!"

So, I did that. And it looked okay. Except there were a couple of stubborn stains left. And they really stood out now that the rest of the ceramic range top was clean. So, I thought, why not just spray those stubborn stains with a spritz of Simple Green and leave them to soak while I switch the laundry to the dryer...that's not even work, and maybe the stains will just lift off like in those commercials with little blue birds or sassy crows or big bald guys that appear in the kitchen of some overworked cleaning woman on TV?

So, I did that. But the stains didn't lift off. So, I had to scrub a bit. And that's when my own commercial moment happened.

Only instead of a happy little blue bird...I apparently got a Hulk-like troll with a club who sneaked up behind me and SMASH! He clobbered me with pain and exhaustion. "This is what it means to have Fibro," the voiceover lady said. And all of a sudden the room sort of went dark and spinning and I couldn't seem to breathe because OWWWWW! I stumbled in a daze to a place where I could collapse...which, coincidentally, was right here at the computer.

So, here I sit. The dryer is beeping at me in a strident tone every 3 minutes. It expects me to get up and put away the underwear and pillow cases.

But I'm not going to do that.



You don't have to turn on the red light. Roooooooooxanne! Turn on the red light.

Sting should really make up his mind about that.

My office has become a red light district. And I mean that in the literal sense, because I have switched my computer screen from blue light to red light. I've done this via Redshift, because I use a linux platform. But I'm sure the rest of you could find something similar for Mac or Windows.

The reason we should all shift from blue light to amber or red is to protect our delicate eyes and hormone balances. And here, I do not mean the hormones that control your sex drive, but those that control sleep and hunger and other functions of the body. It seems artifical light can play havoc on those of us with sleep disorders. But, of course, we are not going to simply stop using our computers come sundown. We aren't Amish! Or...Seventh Day Adventists. Or whomever it is that puts down the plow at sunset. Orthodox Jewish people, I least on Fridays. point...and I did have I now have a reddish, rather hard to read, but paradoxically easier on my eyes and brain computer screen. And you can get one, too. If you have a linux computer it is free and easy, just Google RedShift. I think it is also available for Windows. Please be aware that colors will look different when RedShift is engaged, but your eyes will thank you in the morning.

Photo A Week #1

In an attempt to keep up with the Suzes and to keep in touch with you all. I've decided to post a photo from my life every week. This will allow you to get to know me better. And it will show you I'm still out there somewhere...working hard.

So...first up...a queenly feral cat named Jessica. When we moved in she was lurking about in our bushes, close to death, just skin and bones. Suckers that we are, we gave her fresh chicken breast every day. My how times have changed.


Happy Holidays, LJ People!

My yes! It has been a long, long time since I darkened your door. Almost a year, in fact!

Alas, I am spending less quality time online. I have started writing original fiction and so am not doing other reading, watching TV or noticing the world.

But I do acknowledge that the world is still out here. And you are all part of it.

And in the spirit of good will to all, I shall try to update every so often and let those of you who still care know how things are going for me. Or...I shall forget. No! I will remember!

I still post updates to my writing community. How hard would it be to keep the Greater LJ World informed of my snail's pace progress on my novel? Only a little bit hard!

So, until next week...or this time next wishes to you all this holiday season.

who can't help noting that the bad-ass manga librarian stands in marked contrast to the Doctor's happy reading icon. I bet the Doctor refused to be shushed!